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Ready? by FloLu Ready? by FloLu
30 day OTP Challenge

22 - In battle, side-by-side

This mini fic  was written by Day ( :)

Water-Balloon Fight

It wasn’t much of a question of why Sherlock Holmes had followed Molly Hooper to her family home in Cardiff. However, it was rather amusing to see the calculating glance that he had has he held a bouncy ball of plastic that formed a balloon that was filled with water. He held one in each of his hands, as did Molly as she stood next to him grinning at the two teenagers who had challenged them (read: Sherlock)to a water-balloon fight out in the yard. 

He had been complaining about being bored and then Molly’s brother had mention the water-balloons that they had filled up earlier on in the day in large bucket for the boys to have at it with later if they got too hot outside.

It was practically sweltering out. Molly herself was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top with a pair of trainers. Compared to Sherlock she shouldn’t be too warm. She had pulled her hair up into a bun as they slipped outside to join the boys; Timmy and Lewis - ages 13 and 15. Sherlock was dressed in his usual attire with the exception of jeans than his usual slacks. Molly had made him change before hopping into her car. 

“Ready.” Charlie, Molly’s older brother called from the deck. “Aim.”

It was almost over as quickly as it had started everyone practically soaked through their clothes apart from Molly who after the first few burst of balloons hitting her dove behind Sherlock and had him shield her as he went to war. 

In the very end, Sherlock did not win. However that didn’t stop him from ruining the teens fun by laying a kiss on his girlfriend in front of them. Clothes clinging to them and all. 

A chorus of giggles came from the deck as the boys looked away in terror at what they were seeing happen with their Aunt Molly. 
Molly giggled against his mouth but didn’t pull away for a few moments enjoying the feel of his mouth (warm, soft, perfect) against her own as she shivered in his warm embrace. Sherlock smirked at her when he pulled away holding her there, as he eyed the boys as they rushed up the stairs as their mum greeted them with towels and a promise of a few hours of game play on the console in the tv room. 

“You really should have brought shorts.”

He waved his hand at it. “My discomfort wouldn’t have been as amusing as that was.”

“You’re admitting to having fun, Sherlock Holmes?” He fought back the urge to roll his eyes.


Charlie called them back in after a few more minutes with a promise of warm clothes and cocoa to keep them warm though Sherlock goaded the missus of the house to make him coffee instead. He needed something stronger, he had said even though he accepted the cup of chocolatey goodness with huge marshmallows on top. He looked like a child as he tried to figure out how to go about drinking it. 
Molly smiled at him as she enjoyed hers. This was nice. 
Forestina-Fotos Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Adorable little story! :)
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adorable Giggle 
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This is amazing :D
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